Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Front

Solo Cafe 蘇廬 – Tai O, Hong Kong

Solo Cafe 蘇廬 is the only western cafe at Tai O, other than the cafe at the Heritage Hotel I suppose. Other than these, I don’t know of any other.


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - By the side


When you walked pass the cafe, on the front, you won’t even thought it was a western cafe. But a shop with retro or even second hand items. As you look further, you will start spotting the espresso machine and other coffee making equipment and soon you will realise it is a cafe.


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Back, by the water side


Space was small and tables were packed closely to each other to maximise seating capacity. Plants and Paintings were used to nicely decorate the space.


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - A view


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Another view


The main reason why we decided to pop over to Solo was wanting to enter the tilt structure housing and have a closer view by the water side.


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Food Menu


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Drink Menu


Menu was relatively small. A few Home made cake, Bruschettas, Muffins, Chicken Wings and Noodles.

Specialty Coffee and Espresso. You won’t get your usually Latte, Cappuccino or Flat White. Non-coffee were Chinese Tea, Herb Drink, Milk and Beer.


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Specialty Ice Coffee


I have a hard time comprehending the menu since it looks a little alien to me. So I thought I will go ahead and asked for Ice Coffee with milk and it turned out to be Specialty Coffee with milk. It came with either hot or ice.


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Specialty Coffee


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Coffee Cup


I am not sure what beans did Solo used for Ice Specialty Coffee. It has a full, rounded body with medium acidity. A little winey and berries flavour note. I thought it would tasted better without milk.


Solo Cafe 蘇廬 - Honey Citron Drink


Honey Citron Drink was the only non-coffee drink we order. Lightly sweeten and lightly sourish. A refreshing drink to combat the weather.


We didn’t try any of the food this round.



NAHMJ Verdict


Coffee served at Solo Cafe isn’t the greatest but at least it was decent with a view.




Solo Cafe 蘇廬

G/F, 86 Kat Hing St, Tai O
Tel: +852 9153 7453


Opening Hours


Monday – Saturday  1100 to 1800; Closed on Sundays


Getting There

By Bus: Lantao Bus 1, 11, 23


Rating: 6.5/10