ATUM Desserant - Improvisation

ATUM Desserant Cafe – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

It has been a recent trend of plated dessert where some prefer terming it deconstructed. ATUM Desserant is one dessert cafe that specialises in this form of dessert art. It is located at Causeway Bay, a stone throw from Exit C, where diners could easily navigate their way to the cafe.


ATUM Desserant - Interior


Space is small with sofa seats by a wall. The highlights of the design is the centre “U” shaped bar table with marble-like top where diners will seat around to enjoy an Art in progress. And they get to contribute to the piece of dessert creation as well. That’s when they order the Improvisation, the highlights. The remaining desserts are what I call the regular plated desserts.


First, we need to decide the colour of the “plate”; black, white or grey. We chose white but I regretted when I saw there was a White sauce.


ATUM Desserant - Sauce used for decorating the Improvisation


A number of components or rather ingredients were used in the Improvisation. First, the sauce, 5 sauces were used; Lime, Coconut, Taro, Blood Orange and Chocolate.


ATUM Desserant - Our contributions to Improvisation


Before the start of the creation by the cafe staff, diners were invited to have their prints on the art piece. We have fun creating some design on the “plate”


ATUM Desserant - Splashes of colours with writings


You could request for some wordings on the creation too. My cousin suggested to put my blog name, NAHMJ Food and Travel Blog and URL address, on it. I thought it was an awesome idea so that was it.


ATUM Desserant - Sprinkling of dustings


Next, the sprinkling of various coloured dustings.


ATUM Desserant - Placing of ingredient components


Followed by placing the food ingredients all around the creation. There were some honeycomb, passionfruit, green tea jelly, chocolate mouse, chocolate pieces and various berries.


ATUM Desserant - Semi-finished Improvisation


We posed for a picture at the semi-finished state before the ice cream and cotton candy were placed on the centre of the dessert creation.


ATUM Desserant - Ice Cream Making in Progress


Ice cream were made fresh in front of us. They uses nitrogen to freeze the cream.


ATUM Desserant - Final work of Improvisation


There were 2 flavours of ice cream, raspberry and chocolate with a pink cotton candy topped it off.


ATUM Desserant - Yam


Our second dessert was the Yam. When it was served, we were puzzled why it was known as Yam as we at least associate Yam with purple colour. It was a sweet potato tart with a scoop of vanilla ice cream by the side, 2 apple chips, a few dried apple and various greens and flower petals used to decorate it.


ATUM Desserant - Strawberry and Rose Infused Tea


Each dessert was inclusive of a drink (except for the improvisation which get 2 drinks).


ATUM Desserant - Strawberry and Rose pulp


The strawberry rose tea (I don’t remember the exact name) was highly recommended. It was with light rose aroma and rich and strong strawberry flavour.


ATUM Desserant -Peppermint Green Tea


Other hot tea such as Peppermint Green tea was available. Coffee were served at the cafe too.


ATUM Desserant - Iced Tea


And some iced tea were available as a selection as well.



NAHMJ Verdict

We enjoyed and were having fun during the Improvisation creation. The concept was fresh, unique and was refreshing. But after all, it was a novelty. After all, such ultimate plated desserts with components too individualize, I didn’t enjoy totally. As it always seems to me, it is better off having a cup of pure jelly or pure mousse or a nice cup of ice cream instead. Perhaps, you may think of it as having a dessert buffet then.




ATUM Desserant 

16/F, The L. Square, No. 459-461 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣駱克道459-461號The L. Square 16樓
Tel: +852 2956 1411



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Thursday 1445 to 0000; Friday – Sunday 1300 to 0000; Closed on Mondays


Getting There


By MTR: Causeway Bay (Exit C)


Rating: 7.5/10