Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Toothpick

Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 – Fa Chi Kei, Macau

Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 is at the edge of the touristy centre of Macau Peninsular. Most may not visit this area, unless specifically for the food. We thought we should walk a little further this round to test out whether it is over-rated like most restaurant.


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Facade


In addition, it is a Michelin recommended restaurant.


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Interior


The typical traditional Chinese theme decoration is consistent for both the facade, interior and menu. Of course, this include the food served.

I am certain if Lou Kei Noodle offered an English menu. The one we were handed to was a Chinese one.


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Menu


Prawn Roe Noodle 虾子捞面 is the highlight at Lou Kei Noodle Restaurant. We have tried a number of the Prawn Roe Noodles, both at Hong Kong and Macau, and our thoughts about this was great. The noodles were chewy and yet not rubbery; tasty and yet not salty. My key rating factor was the missing subtle alkaline taste. When eaten with the special chilli sauce provided, it was excellent.


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Prawn Roe Dry Noodle


An item which I won’t usually order, Fishcake Curry Noodle Soup. A comfort bowl of noodle with Curry flavoured soup and slices of fishcake topped on the dish. One taster didn’t even bother to try as it didn’t appeal to him. 2 thought it was enjoyable while one thought it was all right.


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Fish Cake Curry Noodle Soup


This was the star dish as 4 tasters highly rated the Stir Fried Beef Hor Fun. Flavourful, tasty, not too oily and yet not salty. It got all the right element in this dish.


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Stir Fried Beef Hor Fun


Dace Fishball Congee 鲮鱼粥 was the only porridge we tried at Lou Kei Noodle. The fishball has a unfamilar but pleasant flavour. One identified it as Olive but I wasn’t sure if it was. Anyway, it was an interesting added flavour. The consistency of the congee


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Fish Ball Porridge


Having only mains without side is boring. We have a Fried Prawn Dumpling. I was surprised to find the skin to be light. Crispy was definitely no doubt.


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Fried Prawn Dumplings


Nothing unusual or with any surprises with the veggie dish. It was simply for fibre purpose that we ordered.


Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Kai Lan Vegetable with Oyster Sauce


Oh my, there were so many other dishes that we wanted to try. Oh … it has to be next time.



NAHMJ Verdict


A meal of enjoyable, pleasant surprises with unfamilar flavours. All except the Fishcake Curry Noodle Soup was exceptional. NAHMJ would go with the Prawn Roe Noodle, Stir Fried Beef Hor Fun and any of the porridge depending on once preference.






Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵

12 Ave da Concordia, Block H
筷子基 筷子基和樂大馬路12號H座
Tel: +853 2856 9494

Opening Hours

Daily  1800 to 0500

Getting There


By Bus: 1A, 4, 32, 33


Rating: 8.5/10