Cha Thai - Our Spread at Cha Thai

Cha Thai Restaurant – Telok Ayer, Singapore (Closed)

Cha Thai By Loaves Me at Telok Ayer is a Thai Food restaurant. It is the second venture after their first successful Loaves Me Cafe at Singapore Mangement University offering delicious Shibuya Toast.


Cha Thai - Entrance cum facade


Cha Thai - Interior


Cha Thai - Another View of Interior


The concept behind Cha Thai is to provide best and freshest quality authentic traditional Thai food. All food, including the sauces used were prepared from scratch.





At Cha Thai, the Chef whom also one of the partner wanted to bring authentic traditional Thai food to the Singapore F&B scene. All food are prepared in the traditional way. Her recipes are hand me down from 3 generations ago. Her vision is to raise the standard of Thai food in Singapore to the next level.


Cha Thai - Menu Order Sheet


On Cha Thai Menu, you will find a good variety of Curry, the all time favourite Tom Yum Soup; Rice & Noodle dishes; Starter, All Thai Favourites Meat, Seafood and Vegetable; Light Snack and Desserts.

Cha Thai offers about 5 lunch set with drinks and a dessert together with either selection of the 5 mains listed under the lunch set section.



On The Table …


Condiments is almost a must at all meals for Thai and so Cha Thai has provided an array of condiments at every table. You can find pepper, chilli flake, sugar, fish sauce, vinegar and light soya sauce.


Cha Thai - Condiments


We were educated by the Cha Thai’s chef that in each Thai dish, there must be 4 flavours; namely sweet, salty, sour and spicy. These condiment would help to create this important characteristics of Thai food.


Grilled Fish Cake

Lots of herbs and spices were added to this dish of Grilled Fish Cake ($15).


Cha Thai - Grilled Fish Cake


The texture was chewier, richer and more flavourful than those served in other Thai Restaurant in the Singapore.


Tom Yum Soup (clear)

Despite the pricey Tom Yum Soup ($28), it was a bowl full off quality and freshest seafood.


Cha Thai - Tom Yum Soup (clear)


The soup was boiled with only the best quality and freshest fish bone to give the tasty clear soup base. In short, we were impressed with Cha Thai Tom Yum Soup.


Pad Thai

Cha Thai’s Pad Thai ($22) is prepared the traditional way. The sauce used in the Pad Thai was prepared from scratch using prawn. Hence you could taste the rich sweet prawn flavour.


Cha Thai - Pad Thai


The rice noodle is extra chewy. You must remember to eat it together with the shredded green mango. This is the Thai traditional way of eating Pad Thai, informed by the Chef.


Simmer Pork

The Simmer Pork ($22) was soft and tender, melt in the mouth texture.


Cha Thai - Simmer Pork


Dip the meat into the specially prepared sauce and you will savour a balance of sweet and sour flavour.


Saute Grilled Pork with Basil

Saute Grilleed Pork with Basil ($22). There is another version using minced meat instead.


Cha Thai - Saute Grilled Pork with Basil


As the red basil was used to fried this dish, it resulted in a strong basil fragrance dish. I love the abundant basil aroma.


Saute Egg Plants with Sweet Basil

The Saute Egg Plants with Sweet Basil ($16) is another basil scented dish. Great for basil cum egg plant lovers.


Cha Thai - Saute Egg Plants with Sweet Basil


It is best to go along with a bowl of rice.


Brown Rice

A healthier option of Brown Rice was served in Cha Thai to go along with the savoury meat and vegetable dishes such as the Saute Egg Plant with Basil and many more other dishes.


Cha Thai - Brown Rice


The rice has a perfect grainy texture, neither too soft nor too hard.


Durian Sticky Rice

We opted for Durian Sticky Rice. Fret not if Durian is not your cup of tea. Mango as an alternative is available.


Cha Thai - Durian Sticky Rice


This dessert is served warm to keep the sticky rice soft. The sticky rice has a nice blue colour on it was a thick layer of creamy Durian.


Drinks – Lemongrass & Butterfly Pea

Lemongrass drink on the left while the Butterfly Pea is on the right of the photo below.


Cha Thai - Lemongrass & Butterfly Pea


Butterfly Pea is a drink boiled from a special flower imported from Thailand. The characteristics of this drink is when citrus juice are added, it will turn from the blue to a reddish purple colour. There isn’t any unique taste from the flower. The main flavour is from the citrus.

Lightly scented Lemongrass drink is ever refreshing.




Food whipped by Cha Thai is richer and stronger in taste comparatively to other Thai restaurant in Singapore. This is also the differentiating factor of Cha Thai.

Though the prices are on the steep end but worthwhile as fresh ingredients of top notch quality were used.

Cha Thai is certainly thumb up for diners with strong palette like myself. I found so many other dishes that I wanted to try at Cha Thai; Chai Thai Fried Rice, Boat Noodle, Baked Crab Glass Noodle …



NAHMJ Favourite


Must order dishes at Cha Thai are the Pad Thai and Tom Yum Soup (Clear). Don’t miss out on these 2 dishes.



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Cha Thai

80 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 048466
Tel: +65




Opening Hours


Takeaway : Monday – Friday 0800 to 1800;

Dining In: Daily 1100 to 2200


Getting There



  • Downtown line – Telok Ayer station


By Bus:

  • alight opp PwC along Cross Street   186, 970
  • alight at Prudential Tower along Cecil Street   57, 131, 167, 700, 971E
  • alight at OCBC Centre along Church Street   186, 970
  • alight opp AIA Tower along Robinson Road   10, 10e, 70, 75, 100, 107, 128, 130, 162, 196, 196e
  • alight at One Raffles Quay along Shenton Way   10, 57, 70, 75, 100, 107, 130, 131, 162, 167, 196, 700


Rating: 8/10



*This was a media invite.