Open Farm Community Restaurant - Open Kitchen

Open Farm Community Restaurant – Minden Road, Dempsey Hill, Singapore

The combination of having a farm and a restaurant seems to be ideal, having fresh produce for its kitchen. Open Farm Community located at Minden Road is a collaboration between The Spa Esprit Group, celebrity chef Ryan Clift and the food garden specialists, Edible Garden City. 


[We revisited Open Farm Community for their locally inspired menu, click to read more …]


Open Farm Community Restaurant - Signage


Open Farm Community occupied a vast space at the foot of Dempsey Hill with serene green farm surrounding the restaurant.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - At a corner



The Restaurant

Designed in a modern theme, having a communal table right in front of the open kitchen with dining tables by the surroundings.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - Interior


Open Farm Community offers a good spacious outdoor seats too.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - Outdoor seatings


Open Farm Community Restaurant - Outdoor seating overview


The outdoor seats are certainly a great way to enjoy the sun and the lush farm.



The Food

An array of Modern European with some sense of fusion food was served at the restaurant with numerous dishes per section; a good number of starters, pasta, mains and desserts. A separate Brunch menu was available for the weekends.



I counted a total of 8 pasta dishes and 1 risotto on its menu. From the description, it is suggestive of spices and herbs and vegetables were used. And the good news is that the pasta were made in-house.

2 of the pastas were highly recommended; Mud crab spaghettoni with thai curry sauce, crunchy yellow squash, coconut, crispy shallot thai basil and Squid ink taglierini with ‘inferno’ sauce, calamari, asparagus & chilli padi. Not a squid ink fan, hence I went with the former.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - Mud crab spaghettoni with thai curry sauce, crunchy yellow squash, coconut, crispy shallot thai basil


The pasta was thick and very chewy. I like the moderately scented Thai Curry Sauce.



Based on the description on the menu, all desserts sounded delish. I would love to order each and every dish to try.

Lemon tart with basil ice cream was my choice desserts as it was the dessert.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - Lemon tart with basil ice cream


Three layers of crispy puff pastry was used. In between it was sandwiched with tangy lemon custard and sweet meringue like cream that was well balanced. Together with the basil ice cream, it was refreshing. I like the prominent layered flavoured from the various composition and ingredient.



The Drinks

Virgin Mojito, a mocktail with Apple Juice, Soda, Mint & Lime concoction.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - Virgin Mojito (Apple Juice, Soda, Mint, Lime)


It was a sourish mocktail with little apple flavour and a hearty refreshing minty scent. Great for mint lovers.



The Farm

Another highlight of Open Farm Community has to be the farm.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - On the way to the restaurant


Do explore the farm and spot the various vegetation. I spotted many unfamiliar plants. It would be a great idea if a signage with the name of the plant were placed. This certainly will help to educate the public too.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - The Farm


A sand playground for the kids is also available.


Open Farm Community Restaurant - For the kids




Open Farm Community an innovative original concept with a restaurant serving creative delish food is the restaurant to turn to for quality food. With the space and the farm, it has a place for everyone, from the very young to the old. Certainly, it is a great place for the family too.





Open Farm Community

130E Minden Road Singapore 248819
Tel: +65 6471 0306




Opening Hours


Monday – Friday 1200 to 1500, 1800 to 2200; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 1100 to 2200


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp Bontanic Gardens along Napier Road   7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174


Rating: 8.5/10