Twins - Interior

Twins, Korean Fried Chicken – Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar

Twins is a Korean Fried Chicken and Ice Cream Beer restaurant opened by a pair of Korean Twins. I supposed that’s how it gets its name. Located at a corner of the row of shophouse at Craig Road, previously occupied by a Japanese Restaurant.


Twins - Counter


It has a grey coloured theme for its restaurant. It uses different shades of grey to create a softer effect and with the wooden table top and the some part of the restaurant, the end result was soothing.



Twins is a restaurant whipping out Korean Fried Chicken in various flavours; Original, Onions, Yangnyum, Soy & Garlic and Cheese. You can order it as a whole, half or the Chicken Wings. There are 3 other chicken cuisine, noodles, Korean Street Food, Fries, Salad and Soup.

During lunch hours, there are a special lunch menu, value for money.

Specialty drinks in Twins is the Ice Cream Beer. The rest are the regular drinks you can find in most restaurants.

Bingsu fans out there, good news, Twins serve a few Bingsu flavours too!


Korean Fried Chicken

I tried the Korean Fried Chicken during lunch, ordering its as a so called lunch set.

Yangnyum Fried Chicken, sweet and spicy, the flavour didn’t give the enough oomph. I prefer strong tasting Yangnyum flavour. The chicken has a thin layer of batter and gave a nice crisp.


Twins - Yangnyum Fried Chicken


I thought the Cheese Korean Fried Chicken is an interesting option. I imagined it with a cheese sauce but it turned out with Cheese dusting instead.


Twins - Cheese Korean Fried Chicken


It tasted almost like the original as some part of the fried chicken was without the cheese dusting. The cheese powder added a more salty level to the chicken. If you prefer less salt, the original would have been a better choice.

I like the fries. I savour the potato fragrance in it.



Woojae’s Spicy Seafood (Crab) Noodle is a pretty huge bowl of noodles for me. The pricing is different during lunch and dinner. It is $3 cheaper at lunch, priced at $13.90.


Twins - Woojae's Spicy Seafood (Crab) Noodle

This bowl of noodle has half a flower crab, prawn, some clams, lots of mushrooms, onions and chinese cabbage and some greens. First and fore most, the spice level was acceptable for me. It was not fiery hot. Next the flavour of soup was full of seafood flavour but was a little bland. A pinch of salt more added would be perfect. As for the noodle, it was chewy and smooth. I like the texture. Overall, the noodle was considerably delish.



There isn’t much non-alcoholic beverage choices.  On it beside the regular soft drink, there was Demisoda, two flavours, grape and lemon.


Twins - Demi Soda Grape


Grape was refreshing, sourish and sweet. I like it.


Twins - DemiSoda Lemon


Lemon was a little too sourish but still acceptable. It is the alkaline after taste that linger in the mouth which is what I dislike.

For those who like beer, should go for its Ice Cream Beer.



On the menu, I kind of remember seeing 5 bingsu. I ordered the Bean Powder with Red Bean Bingsoo.


Twins - Bean Powder with Red Bean Bingsoo


The shaven ice is much like the Nunsaram. I find it pretty good. The Red Bean was enough for me. Even though they didn’t provide extra condensed milk, that was not an issue as the sweetness was at the perfect level for me.



The Korean Fried Chicken served at the Twins was lightly battered and yet crispy. Meat was chunky and juicy. Dining in a group would be awesome as there are lots of food choices for sharing.


NAHMJ Favourite

I enjoyed the Cheese Fried Chicken Wings and the Bingsoo.




7 Craig Road Singapore 089667
Tel: +65 6221 5205



Opening Hours


Monday – Saturday and Public Holiday 1100 to 1500, 1700 to 0000; Sunday 1700 to 2300


Getting There



  • North-South Line -Tanjong Pagar station


By Bus:

  • alight at the bus stop either before Wallich Road or after Craig Road   80, 145


Rating: 7.5/10