Rollie Olie - Front

Rollie Olie Singapore, Asian Fusion Sushi – Star Vista

Rollie Olie at the Star Vista has taken the Japanese sushi to another level in Singapore.


Rollie Olie - Interior


At Rollie Olie the classic Japanese sushi has been improvised; rolled with some Asian ingredients together with the classic Japanese ingredients. They have added several mayo sauces to enhance the sushi experience too.

Each roll is made fresh upon ordering is placed.


Rollie Olie - By a side


As the restaurant has a big glass panels, natural light penetrate into the restaurant and lit the entire area. The feel was warm and cosy.


Rollie Olie - Sauces Counter


They have also placed the sauces by a counter for patrons to self serve them should they need more sauces.



Rollie Olie offers 9 Signature Rolls and 2 rice-less roll options. And there is also a choice of Rice bowl, salad, soup and drinks are on the menu too.



Order can be done via the Counter inside the restaurant …


Rollie Olie - Counter


or via the tablets outside the restaurant. Made the payment, find a seat and wait for your food to be serve.


Best Value Set Meal

I went for the Best Value Set Meal priced at $12.95. The Best Value Set Meal consists of a Soup, half a roll of Sushi and a Salad.


Rollie Olie - Best Deal Set Meal


Each day, Rollie Olie will select 2 Signature Rolls for your selection for the Set Meal. On the day of my visit, the choices were Cali Dream and K Pop. I chose the former as I prefer fried prawns to spicy crab.


Rollie Olie - Cali Dream


The sushi was tasty together with the ingredient, sauce. It was a savoury with sweetish hint. It was appetizing. Though sauce was drizzle over the sushi roll, it wasn’t overwhelming. In fact, I need more and I went over to self-help with more sauce.

The salad provided in the set was the Tofu Salad. It came with sesame dressing.


Rollie Olie - Tofu Salad


Lastly the soup was Me So Onion. It is basically Miso Soup with lots of Onion in it. The onion enhances the flavour of the Miso Soup. I would describe it as Onion Soup with Miso Flavour.


Rollie Olie - Me So Onion Soup


I find that the portion a little small as it was just enough for me. Since I am a small eater, this wouldn’t be enough for most.


Signature Rolls

The other Signature Rolls that I tried was the Beachcomber.


Rollie Olie - Signature Rolls, Beachcomber


It is rolled with Fried softshell crab, avacodo, cucumber, jcama and topped with prawn salad. Wasabi Mayo was drizzled on topp of the roll with a crisp and strawberry on it. I am biased towards this as it consists of all my favourite ingredients.



Under the drinks section, there isn’t much of a selection. Simply, Fresh Juice of the day, Iced Lemon Tea, Aiyu Jelly Lemonade and the boring but quenched thirsting Mineral Water.


Rollie Olie - Aiyu Jelly Lemonade


I thought Aiyu Jelly Lemonade is the most interesting among the 4. This was a sourish Lemonade with bland tasting Aiyu. Luckily, they provided syrup.



I like the fusion ingredients that Rollie Olie added into the Sushi Roll. It was a refreshing Sushi. The best part was each roll was freshly made. It is also a nice way for takeaway since each set were neatly and nicely packed.


NAHMJ Favourite

Both the rolls that I tried were delish. It was the Cali Dream that attracted me more. As a mainly savoury roll, it was the sweetish sourish hint that draw me to the liking. It was very appetizing.



Rollie Olie

1 Vista Exchange Green #02-05 Star Vista, Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 6316 5710




Opening Hours


Monday – Saturday 1100 to 2200; Sunday 1030 to 2200


Getting There 



  • Circle line – Buona Vista station
  • East-West line – Buona Vista station


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp Buona Vista station along North Buona Vista Road – 74, 91, 92, 95, 191, 196, 198, 200
  • alight at or opp Buona Vista station along Commonwealth Avenue West – 105, 106, 147, 185


Rating: 8/10