Paddy Hills Cafe At South Buona Vista Road

Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista is the place I experienced the most awful service I ever have. I have to end up walking out of their door hungry and angry after 60 minutes of wait. Who would ever want to do this unless you were extremely upset. This was the first and I hope the only time, I got to do this.

I was at the cafe on a Sunday for lunch. I arrived at about 12.15 pm, the cafe was packed but I still managed to get a seat at the bar since I was alone. I waited for quite a while to get someone to take my order and it was done at about 12.30 pm. I ordered a Cappuccino and The Maze.

My Cappuccino was served after 20 minutes and it was only after I asked them to check my order. I only started requesting them to check when I saw the Barista was no longer busy and started cleaning up. With that, it was a signal that she has missed out my order. When she served me the coffee, at the very least, she was apologetic. And I continued with my wait for the food.

I waited for another good 25 minutes, by now, it was a total of 45 minutes. Moreover, quite a numbers of table were already empty and the chaotic activities ended, so I grabbed hold of a service crew and once again requested them to check and was told I needed to wait for 15 more minutes.

15 minutes was up, I walked up to confront the guy who was kind of “heading” the kitchen and I asked him how long more do I have to wait since I was told 15 minutes more and in total I waited for 60 minutes. To my horror, he was not at all apologetic but was extremely rude. I admit that I was not nice in my tone too. In fact, I was demanding now or I walked out. And  under pressure, his respond was that now is not possible and next were his exact words And you can walk out“. I was amazed that a service crew can utter such nonsense. This pissed me off further. Don’t Paddy Hills Cafe knows Hungry Man Is Angry Man!

And I walked out … as that guy was not at all interested to salvage the situation and to win back the customer.

This was not my first time walking into a crowded cafe or restaurant. It was never 60 minutes of wait and still no food and worse still I have to walk out hungry and angry. The service staff will do their best to pacify me and serve me the food as soon as the can.

Being new and having to learn and tweet the process and so on will result in hiccups which may be unavoidable but being rude is never acceptable. Instead, a better approach is to seek the understanding from the customer and being apologetic.

Moreover, I do understand that there is a substantial waiting time when it is crowded but to endure the wait and coupled with the rude service staff, this is extremely awful to the maximum. It really sucks.

On the side note, most of the service staff were friendly and warm, except for this guy. Such a team player around, is certainly damaging to the brand too. During my wait, I observed his actions and how he worked with his co-workers, I was totally unimpressed. I certain hope either Paddy Hills ensure that he has more training to up his service level or fire him. Do not allow one man to destroy the hard works and good works that were contributed by the rest of your staff.




Paddy Hills Cafe


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    1. Hi Laura,
      Indeed. Nevertheless, I do hope they will improve on their service level soon. I have left my feedback on both their fb and IG, they did not reply. I hope they saw it and will work on it.

      NAHMJ (Michelle)

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