First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Entrance

First Culinary Restaurant – ITE College Central Ang Mo Kio

On the 8th day of the Lunar Year of the Goat, my ex-colleague organised a Lo Hei gathering at the First Culinary Restaurant (第一食为鲜). It’s an annual affair with this group of ex-colleague.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Within ITE Ang Mo Kio


The First Culinary Restaurant is located within the ground of ITE Ang Mo Kio. The setting is of the typical Cantonese Restaurant design.

As we have a total of 13 diners (initially was 15), we requested for a big table to seat all of us. Due to the big group, beside getting a Set for 10, we added a few more Ala Carte Dishes.

In the set, there were a total of 7 dishes. I only took a glance of the menu, so can’t really remember which were the dishes included in the set. The first will definitely be the Lo Hei since it was Chinese New Year.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Yu Sheng


First Culinary Restaurant is one of the rare restaurant these days that serves Shark’s Fin Soup. The pieces were relatively huge but unfortunately there was a slight fishy-like taste.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Shark's Fin Soup


Next the Deep Fried Fish with special sauce (I suppose the fish was Garoupa.) We love the sourish flavoured sauce. It was appetizing.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Deep Fried Fish with Special Sauce


It was followed by the Wasabi Prawns. The sauce was creamy with slight wasabi flavour. It was a little too light for me but I think this is great for the general diners.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Wasabi Prawns


Then the ten-head abalone with Mushrooms with Lettuce.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) -


As it was only good for ten, we added three more Ala Carte. It came with Dried Oysters and Broccoli instead of Mushrooms and Lettuce.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Abalone and Dried Oyster


There was Ee Fu Noodles as the second last dish. This is one of the very tasty Ee Fu Noodle served. It was delish.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Ee Fu Noodle


Finally, the Chilled Mango Sago. It was full of Mango goodness and they added some strawberry into it for the nice reddish colour.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Chilled Mango Sago


The Ala Carte dishes that we have (I think these are Ala Carte) were, the Roast Suckling Pig, Roast Duck and Scallop and Prawns with Tofu.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Roast Suckling Pig


The Suckling Pig skin was very crispy as it should be. It was very well roasted. And there was thin layer of fat underneath the skin. But I didn’t like the fat.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Roast Duck


The Roast Duck was a huge portion. We didn’t finish it so my ex-Manager took the remaining home to enjoy with her family as none wanted. Don’t think we didn’t finish because it wasn’t delish. That was incorrect! This is one of the more flavourful Roast Duck. I am not a duck fan, but found this to be good. Everyone at the table sang praises of it.


First Culinary Restaurant (AMK) - Scallop and Prawns with Tofu
Scallop and Prawns with Tofu


The last Ala Carte was the Scallop and Prawns with Tofu. The Tofu was hidden under the Scallop and Prawns. I found the scallop a little fishy. The remaining was fine. Not an excellent dish but was decent.

A great place for gathering especially if you have about 10 – 15 people and wanted to be seated at a table, instead of two. Food was delish with good service staff. And the bonus, free parking at the ITE carpark. And you could drop by NTUC, a few door away, to pick up your groceries too. Lol!!

I enjoyed the food and most importantly the great company.




First Culinary Restaurant (第一食为鲜)

ITE College Central, 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive, Block A, #01-09, Singapore 567720
Tel: +65 6481 5500



Opening Hours


Daily 1030 to 1500, 1730 to 2200


Getting There



  • North-South line – Ang Mo Kio station (either walk or take bus 159 from Jubilee along Ang Mo Kio Ave 8)


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp ITE Ang Mo Kio along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5   72, 88, 159


Rating: 7/10