Ding Dong - Signboard

Ding Dong On Ann Siang Hill (Shifted)

Finally, I was at the Ding Dong on Ann Siang Hill with my cousin.


Ding Dong - Interior, Second floor


The interior looks very much like a bar with lots of Chinese Paper Cutting, mainly in red and some in neon colours. I quite like the Fusion feel.

Ding Dong’s dining area is mainly at the second level with the kitchen at the first. So if you are lazy to climb the steps, you have to forego Ding Dong.


Ding Dong - Non-Alcoholic Drink: Mango Passionfruit and Apple Pear


We started with Non-Alcoholic Drink and we ordered a Mango Passionfruit and a Apple Pear. We tasted both the drinks and they were somewhat similar. We couldn’t really taste the distinct flavours of the fruit. Both some how have that Mango sourish, apple flavour. We were rather disappointed.


Ding Dong - Spicy beef salad with fragrant herbs


Our first dish, a Cold Plate, the Spicy Beef Salad with Fragrant Herbs. Our first impression, it tasted like Yu Sheng. So I joking commented that during non-Lunar New Period and we feel like having Yu Sheng, we can pop by for this dish. LOL!!


Ding Dong - Roasted duck dumpling, shitake mushroom w duck consommé


The next dish was from the Small Plate Menu, the Roasted Duck Dumpling, Shitake Mushroom with Duck Consommé. Neither of us like duck but we chose this because of the Mushroom which is my cousin’s favourite. We were surprised at how good it was. The dumpling was in the shape of an ingot and instead of chopped Roasted duck, they uses a whole piece of duck meat to wrap in the dumpling. The consommé though was a little salty, was full of duck flavour. We enjoyed this dish.


Ding Dong - The Ding Dong blue lobster bao w hoisin, cucumber & crispy shallots


We have another small plate, The Ding Dong Blue Lobster Bao with Hoisin, Cucumber & Crispy Shallots. My cousin didn’t like the smell as it has a little fishy-like scent, not too pleasant. So he was pretty worried that it might taste fishy. We are pretty sensitive to this vile taste. Luckily, there was none. We considered this dish average. There wasn’t anything that really stood out, or was there any surprises. We were expecting something better than this and I suppose they could use a better sauce to go with the bun, maybe the XO sauce. I am just thinking aloud here.


Ding Dong - The Ding Dong blue lobster bao w hoisin, cucumber & crispy shallots


Moving on to the Big Plate next, our only Big Plate, the Goldband Snapper, Sug Aloo with Garam Masala. the fish was fresh and nicely pan fried with a crispy skin sat on a generous amount of masala, served with white rice. I find the masala a little too spicy for me but my cousin find it all right. We like this dish very much, but were a little disappointed with the rice as it was too lumpy. We prefer white rice with distinct grains.


Ding Dong - Ding Dong’s frozen bibimbap


Lastly, the dessert, the Ding Dong’s Frozen Bibimbap. I was curious to find out how would a Bibimbap dessert taste like. In it, the main Bibimbap ingredient rice, is in the form of crispy rice cracker and some chilli, grated coconut, berry compote, cucumber meringue and most importantly that “egg” which is a Mango Puree.  Mix it all up like you are having the Bibimbap and start to degust. Our verdict!? An interesting taste but we wouldn’t classify it as delish. It is mainly a berry based dessert with sweet sourish scent and a little spicy and a little refreshing when you consume the Cucumber Meringue. Try it when you are in the an adventurous mood.

For Ding Dong’s menu, click here

There were some hits and misses, nevertheless, we enjoyed most of the dishes and the ambience before the crowds stormed in at around 7.30pm and it got rather noisy.



Ding Dong On Ann Siang Hill

Tel: +65 6557 0189



Opening Hours

Dinner: Monday – Saturday 1800 to 0000
Lunch: Monday – Friday 1200 to 1500


Getting There

By MRT: Downtown line – Telok Ayer station or Northeast line – Chinatown station

By Bus:
– alight opposite PWC Building along Cross Street – 186, 970

– alight opposite Sri Mariamman Temple South Bridge Road – 61, 166, 197

– alight opposite Hong Lim Complex along Upper Cross Street – 51, 63, 80, 124, 174, 174e, 186, 851, 961, 970


Rating: 7/10