The Workbench - Interior

The Workbench Bistro At Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1


The Workbench Bistro is another eatery opened along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, after Mojito Cafe.


Interior of the bistro is really simple with cemented wall and same simple brown wooden tables and black plastic chairs.


The Workbench - Menu


Currently, they are having a one page menu. I must say, at a glance, it wasn’t interesting. They served a few sides like fries, nachos, buffalo wings, four pastas, one burger and one sandwich. Of course you will find the standard espresso based drinks and they have ice cream and waffle too.


Orders are to be made over the cashier and paid, and food will be served.


The Workbench - Crab Meat Linguine


I decided to go ahead with the Crab Meat Linguine though I am not a fan of tomato based pasta but I like both crab meat and linguine. The sauce was pretty acceptable with very light tomato taste and there was enough of crab meat for the entire pasta portion. They could have added a little more white wine to the sauce. It was a pity that the pasta wasn’t Al Dente. It was on the soft side, just a little under Al Dente. I provided the feedback to owner and she was very apologetic about it. She even offered to re-make a new one for me but I declined her offer, instead she offered me a scoop of ice cream. It was very nice of her. I like they way she did on the service recovery aspect. I really think it was excellent.


The Workbench - Cappuccino


The Cappuccino was medium body, low acidity with a nutty, chocolaty flavour note. I like such coffee.


The Workbench - Gula Melaka Ice Cream


Here comes the ice cream, I chose the Gula Melak Ice Cream out of the ten over flavours. The Ice Cream was pretty good. It was smooth and creamy with a good gula melaka flavour in it. The sweetness was at an acceptable level.



NAHMJ Verdict


Despite, the pasta was a little disappointing, but I like their service level and I am willing to give them another chance. Moreover, the ice cream is of pretty high standard. I will return to try it with the waffle and the Beef Burger, saw a few tables ordered this item and it looks inviting.





The Workbench

Block 332 Ang Mo Kio Avenue #01-1881 Singapore 560332
Tel: +65 8484 2488



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Saturday 1200 to 2200; Sunday 1000 to 2200; Closed on Monday


Getting There


By Bus:
– alight at Blk 331 or opp Blk 333 along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 – 133, 136, 262

  • alight at Blk 332 or opp Church of Christ the King along Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 – 22, 24, 128, 135, 159, 162, 162M, 262, 853, 853C


Rating: 7/10