Toothsome Cafe - Interior

Toothsome Cafe At Tanjong Katong Road (Closed)

You find a new cafe opened every other day. One more to Tanjong Katong Road, Toothsome Cafe, after Do.main Bakery.

Toothsome Cafe is setup by the folks behind 8 Tarts and Pastry which you can find at Vivocity and Jems. This is their first cafe venture.



The cafe has a pretty simple setup and some what family friendly, with a kids corner set up for the kiddos.


Toothsome Cafe - Menu


The menu isn’t very exciting. You will find pasta and rice and burgers and some finger snacks. According to the cafe owner, they are still tuning the menu depending on how’s the respond in coming weeks. There are some 8 Tart and Pastry items offered in the cafe too.


Toothsome Cafe - Cappuccino


When I saw my Cappuccino, the look gave away that it was dispensed from a fully automatic coffee machine. Usually, such coffee doesn’t taste good and I was skeptical and to my surprise, it was pretty decent; full body, low acidity and some nutty flavour notes. And the coffee was accompanied by a small handwritten motivation note. It was a lovely cup of coffee.


Toothsome Cafe - Perfect Pork Burger


The Perfect Pork Burger was pretty awesome. There are three types of bun to choose from; the Charcoal Bun which is what I have, Sesame Bun and Multigrain Buns. The pork patty was tasty though a little too salty for me. And the fries, crispy with good potato flavours.


Toothsome Cafe - Cakes and Macaroons


Unfortunately, the cakes and macaroons were such a let down. I got an Oreo Cheesecake, a Tiramisu and 2 mini maracoons (Hazelnut and Coffee) home for sharing. The comments were unanimously; they were not delish.

Toothsome Cafe serves pretty good Mains, at least that’s the case for the Burger I tried and decent coffee but for the cakes, definitely there are lots of rooms for improvement. They are also planning to offer wines and beer to the patrons soon.



Toothsome Cafe

368 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437125
Tel: +65 8139 1982



Opening Hours

Monday – Tuesday, Thursday 0800 to 1700; Friday 0800 to 2200; Saturday 1000 to 2200; Sunday 1000 to 1500; Closed on Wednesday


Getting There

By Bus:
– alight before or after Katong PO along Tanjong Katong Road 10, 31, 32, 40, 43, 76, 135, 197, 401, 853


Rating: 7/10