Visitors To Singapore To Note

Lonely Planet has named Singapore as the No. 1 country to visit in 2015. This is a great news for Singapore tourism but I urge visitors to Singapore to bear in mind and carry out some practices to help keep Singapore clean and green and orderly.

I have noticed that many foreigners are not familar with Singapore so I am listing some points to note to all. I certainly hope all will do what the Rome does when in Rome. And these certainly does not apply only to visitors but any foreigners to Singapore.



Visitors To Singapore To Note


1. No Eating And Drinking In MRT And Station

Many countries allow the passengers to eat and drink but not in Singapore as accident does happen, no matter how careful you are. The crumbs attract insects and pests easily.


2. No Littering

There are lots of bins everywhere, please hold on to your waste and drop them when you see one. Do not leave the waste behind or anywhere other than the waste bins


3. No Spilting

I am pretty annoy when I see people spliting. It not only dirty the country but most importantly it is very unhygienic. This helps to spread diseases. I encourage all the split it into a piece of tissue and hold on to it till a waste bin is available and dump it there.


4. No Smoking Area In Prohibited Area

By law, there are a number of area which does not allow smoking, especially any where indoors, either air conditioned or non. Others include linkways, covered walkway, within 5 metres of bus stops, void decks, corridor, stairways, stairwells, lifts, lift lobbies, in public transport.


5. Stand On The Left Of Escalator

In many countries, it is common to stand on the right but Singapore is one rare country where we stand on the left


6. Guard Your Belongings

A common messeage from the police, Low crimes doesn’t mean no crime. Though crime rates in Singapore is low, you still need to be on guard.


7. Queue Up

In Singapore, we will queue up for everything, from taking the public transport to food. Please do not jump queue even if you are a child or elderly. And when entering a train, please allow passengers to alight first before boarding.


8. Reserved Tables and Seats In Singapore

It is a common sight to see tissue paper pack or tag, name cards and etc on the tables in foodcourt or hawker centre. This is how Singaporeans reserve their seats.


Lastly, I wish all visitors to Singapore an enjoyable stay.