The Cold Pantry - Pastries Counter

The Cold Pantry, A Cafe Serving Frozen Yogurt In Rangoon Road – Farrer Park, Singapore (Shifted)

Rangoon Road is getting busy. With early entrance, Jewels to recent joiners such as Woodshed, La’Coffee, Old Hen and now The Cold Pantry, joining the cafe scene there offering Froyo.


It is extremely easy to locate The Cold Pantry, especially for those who know Jewels. It is on Jewels left. [The Cold Pantry has shifted to 88 Rangoon Road]



The Cold Pantry features the Frozen Yogurt. It has three creation on its regular menu and a new creation regularly.


The Cold Pantry - By the side


I like the ambience, the design of The Cold Pantry very much. Though it is simple but with the little cushy pillow added and some accessories placed throughout the cafe, it makes the cafe very cosy, sweet and good for hanging out.


The Cold Pantry - Right At the Back of the Cafe


On the menu, I was attracted to both the Thai Milk Tea Flavour Yogurt (a new creation) and the Moive Date (a savoury yogurt on its regular menu). I tried the Thai Milk Tea Yogurt on my first visit, will try the Moive Date on my next visit. Though I really should have tried both. Lol.


The Cold Pantry - Thai Milk Tea Yogurt


The Thai Milk Tea was lightly scented. The natural yogurt taste was stronger. There are honey crunch on the top of the yougurt which are made in-house. There were mixture of with sesame and pure honey crunch. The honey crunch tasted similar to the honey comb in the Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate. The sesame one gave a little savoury flavour to the creation. At the bottom of the creation, there are cornflakes and Nata De Coco.


The Cold Pantry - Movie Date


On another visit, I tried the savoury Froyo, the Movie Date. As the name suggested, how could popcorn, Nachos and Cheese be missing? On the top, Caramel Popcorn is added and chocolate sauce is drizzled. The  popcorn are made in-house. Plain Natural Yogurt is used in this creation. There are some banana slices around the brim of the cups. At the bottom layer, you will find some Nachos and Cheese. This creation is surprisingly delish. If you like stuff that are salty and sweet, you would probably like this. A sudden thought, what about having Salted Caramel Popcorn or maybe drizzle with Salted Caramel Sauce instead of Chocolate?

The Cold Pantry, a sweet & cosy Froyo cafe has very warm, thoughtful and friendly service. And the service crew, I think she might be the owner too, who served me on both visit, remembered me, she has very good memory. I enjoyed the service and the Froyo. I will be back real soon.




The Cold Pantry

131 Rangoon Road Singapore 218409



Opening Hours


Monday, Wednesday – Friday 1200 to 2100; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 2200; Closed on Tuesday


Getting There



  • Northeast line – Farrer Park (Exit B)


By Bus:

  • alight at Kentis Lodge along Rangoon Road – 131


Rating: 7.5/10