RoyceMary Cafe - Our Order, Coffee, Lemon Tart & Tiramisu

RoyceMary Cafe In Sembawang, Homely (Closed)


RoyceMary Cafe was our second stop after Mootime. Both are in the same building, Victory 8.


RoyceMary Cafe - Counter


My brother was asking what’s RoyceMary Cafe offers. Strangely, I didn’t seems to have a good idea after exploring the Instagram and Facebook. I just named him what I saw in the photos.


oyceMary Cafe - At a corner


So what’s RoyceMary Cafe actually offers? They offer cakes, pastries (both sweet and savoury), heart-shaped macaroons and sandwiches for food. While drinks, they have a very comprehensive list. Besides the usual coffee (hot, iced, blended), there are also matcha, chocolate, tea, soda drinks and fresh juices. But I don’t see the usual breaky items like eggs and sausages. The service crew highlighted that their specialities are the Lemon Tart (Journey of Love) and the Chocolate Truffle Cake.

What did we order then?

Naturally, we will order coffee, cappuccino for me and flat white for my brother. The coffee was decent. It has low acidity, low aroma and medium to full body with nutty hint.


RoyceMary Cafe - Our Coffee, Cappuccino & Flat White


Without failed, my brother went for Tiramisu. Since the Lemon Tart is their speciality, I certainly wouldn’t want to miss it. The Lemon Curd on the Tart has a great balance of sweet and sourish taste. I enjoyed the Tart very much.


RoyceMary Cafe - Journey of Love (Lemon Tart)


The Tiramisu was not good though not the best. It was pretty icy. They must have left it in the freezer and it wasn’t well thaw when served. The sponge cake layered between the Tiramisu was a little dry. We prefer it to be moist with more espresso and liquor.


RoyceMary Cafe - Tiramisu


The best part about visiting a newly opened cafe is the promotion. There was a 10% off total bill and a free heart-shaped macaroon with $20 purchase. There were four flavours; matcha, rose, yuzu and lemon, if I remembered correctly. I chose the matcha as recently I am into Matcha madness. 😛 Macaroons as always is on the sweet side. The matcha macaroon has a good amount of Matcha flavour. I like it.


RoyceMary Cafe - Matcha Macaroon


We like the ambience, the decor. It was homely especially at the corner, next to the glass panel. There were sofa seats with cosy pillows and coffee tables and with curtains added the homely feel. And the pretty ornaments place on the shelves of a wall.



RoyceMary Cafe

8 Jalan Legundi #01-13 Singapore 759274
Tel: +65 6753 4224



Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 1030 to 2230; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 2300


Getting There

By MRT: North-South line – Sembawang (followed by a 10 -15 min walk or take the free shuttle bus to Sembawang Shopping Centre)

By Bus:
– alight opp or after Sembawang Shopping Centre along Sembawang Road – 167, 856, 858, 859, 980


Rating: 7.5/10