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Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster In Wan Chai, Great Food & Coffee


Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster located in Wan Chai, along Landale, opposite the famous burger shop, Butcher Club.


Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster - Interior


It has a very modern industrial design, very much a cafe with grey theme. The wooden furniture helps to liven the cafe, adding a different feel to the ambience.



Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster - Cafe Front


They really bring out the name of the cafe very well, displaying the rabbit at a very prominent strategic place and even on the utensils they used.



Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster - Drinks Menu


The emphasis of the cafe is on its coffee. They have one regular coffee with 2 specialty coffee as option. I did not go for the specialty coffee that day.



Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster - Coffee Beans


The coffee they offered are the normal fare as for breakfast food, they are simple and not much option but they were serving interesting options; a ham & cheese or smoked duck croissant.



Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster - My Breakfast, Smoked Duck Croissant & Cappuccino


I ordered a cappuccino and the Smoked Duck Croissant. I like the croissant, a buttery croissant with a good flaky outer and soft fluffy pastry texture inside the croissant. The smoked duck was a pretty thick slices and generous amount of rocket added giving a rather complete nutritional meal. But not so healthy as there is a generous slab of mayonnaise spread on both sides of the croissant. Delicious is the word to describe.

The coffee is good as well. It has a medium to full body, low acidity with a little black tea and berry hint.

It’s definitely a great cafe for coffee and great food though selection is limited.



Rabbithole Coffee & Roaster

3 Landale Street, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2528 0039

Opening Hours


Monday – Friday 0800 to 2000; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 2000


Getting There


By MTR – Wan Chai


Rating: 8.5/10