Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014, Part 1

Since I was in Hong Kong for two weeks for work in July, so I got a full weekend and I could explore Hong Kong a little more. Exploring the food, exploring the place. This round since one of my closer colleague was in Hong Kong for the same project and she brought her daughter who is a foodie along, I took this great chance to dine around as much as I could.

On the Saturday morning, the first thing we did is to have a hearty delicious breakfast at Tim Ho Wan, a 1 Michelin Star Restaurant at slight past 8 am. I didn’t want to wait, in case there is a long queue later. Of course, we ordered the Four Heavenly King.



As we were still very early, we roamed around Sham Shui Po, around Ap Liu Street. I simply like walking into the life of the local by visiting their market place and the place they usually patronised and Sham Shui Po is the place for such activity.



I saw the well known rice roll stall, but was too full to try so passed it for the next time.



As my colleague prefers the museum while me and her daughter prefer food, we parted our way. She proceeded to Tsim Sha Tsui while we went to Hong Kong Island. Our first stop was Hoi An Cafe at Sheung Wan. We tried their Milk Tea, the Egg Tart and Bolo Bun (not in photo as I ate it before I remember to capture a photo đŸ˜› ) All were extra yummy. In fact, we were still full from our Tim Ho Wan breaky and yet we still found it to be delicious.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014, Part 1 - Morning Tea @ Hoi An Cafe with Egg Tart


By now, our waistline is bursting so we strolled towards the direction of University of Hong Kong. As the altitude of the slope was steep, by the time we descended from the university, we were very tire, and we need a place to rest our achy legs. We proceeded to Open Door Cafe for a drink.



Too much food since the morning, so we couldn’t have lunch. We decided to find a dessert place for something light. We went to Cong Sao Dessert Shop. This shop was highly recommended to us by a colleague in Hong Kong.


Cong Sao Desserts - Durain Crystal Seeds


After our dessert, we have no idea where we should go next, so we started roaming around Causeway and we caught Batman in action. That was the second last day before the exhibition was gone.



I was reviewing my Google map, and kinda remembered that Patisserie Tony Wong was nearby so popped by for Tea. We ordered a piece of cake for sharing as we will be having sumptuous dinner.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Patisserie Tony Wong for Tea


We next went to Duddell Street at Central for two reasons. To pay a visit to the gas lamp post and the Bing Sutt Design in the Starbucks.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Duddell Street


The Starbucks in Duddell Street has this very unique Bing Sutt deco design. A modern cafe with vintage design, the in thing these days, especially in Singapore.



Finally, it was time for our dinner. We have a sumptuous meal at Yung Kee.



Afterwhich, we wanted to head back to our hotel for rest and we passed by Lan Kwai Fong and they were celebrating Lan Kwai Fong Day so we went round and joined in some fun as well.


Weekend In Hong Kong In July 2014 - Lan Kwai Fong Day Celebration


… And it was time to return to hotel as we are died beaten from the day-long walking. More to come on Sunday. Part 2 to be continued … To read, click here.