Sea View Congee Shop - Signage

Sea View Congee Shop (海景粥店茶餐庁) In Mongkok, Smooth Congee


Congee and Rice Roll are usual breakfast items for Hong Konger, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do and we went to Sea View Congee Shop for Congee and Rice Roll during one of our breakfast.


Sea View Congee Shop - Interior


There are two outlets within Mongkok and we went to the one at Argyle Road, nearer to our hotel. As we were pretty early, about 7.30 am, the shop was pretty empty. We could freely choose our favourite corner.

It was a must to have both Congee and Rice Roll since that’s their specialty.


Sea View Congee Shop - Menu


I chose my favourite Century Egg and Pork Congee for sharing. The congee was smooth and fragrance. Some may find the congee too bland. But we find that it was at the right level of saltiness.


Sea View Congee Shop - Century Egg and Pork Congee


We ordered two types of rice roll; the BBQ Pork Rice Roll


Sea View Congee Shop - BBQ Pork Rice Roll


and the Fried Dough Rice Roll.


Sea View Congee Shop - Fried Dough Wrapped In Rice Roll


The rice roll was a smooth but a little thick. Some dark sauce was drizzled over the rice roll, otherwise it would taste too bland. We like the Fried Dough Rice Roll; we find it very unique. Instead of dipping the fried dough rice roll in the dark sauce, alternatively was to drizzle the sweet sauce and sesame sauce. I prefer the sweet sauce and sesame sauce to the dark sauce.


Sea View Congee Shop - Soya Bean Drink


We ordered soya drink and milk tea. I didn’t try the soya drink as it is not a beverage I like. The milk tea was acceptable though not exceptionally great.


Sea View Congee Shop - Milk Tea


There is a takeaway counter for the fried dough, convenience for customers.


Sea View Congee Shop - Fried Doughs


In a nutshell, the congee was great and the rice roll was pretty excellent too. A great place when you are craving for congee and rice roll.



Sea View Congee 海景粥店

G/F, 103 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
Tel: +852 2787 7330


Opening Hours


Daily 24 hours


Getting There


By MTR: Mongkok (Exit D2)


Rating: 8/10