My Six Days Of Breakfast In Hong Kong In June 2014

I was staying in Mongkok this round and my hotel booking does not include breakfast so have to find my own breakfast in Hong Kong. Good and bad. The good is I can explore around and find great eats. My entire breakfast for the six days are below.

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Breakfast In Hong Kong


Kam Wah Cafe  (金华冰室)

47 Bute Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon
Tel +852 2392 6830

Opening Hours: 0630 to 0000
Getting There: MTR – Prince Edward or Mongkok


Kam Wah Cafe (金华冰室) is a very famous cafe in Prince Edward, Kowloon to have breakfast in Hong Kong. Go for its Bolo Bun (菠萝包). So since I am at the cafe, I shouldn’t miss this award winning bun.


Kam Wah Cafe Interior


They have breakfast set to choose from as well, beside the Al La Carte Menu.



I ordered the Milk Tea and the Bolo Bun (菠萝包). The bun was freshly baked, soft and fluffy, sweetish and it will surely taste great with a thick slice of butter. If you want it with butter, do remember to order Bolo Oil (菠萝油). I translated it litterally from its Chinese name.


My Order, Milk Tea & Polo Bun


 Rating: 7/10

Capital Cafe (华星冰室)

G/F Shop, 107 Sai Yeung Choi St South, Mongkok
Tel: +852 2520 6666

Opening Hours: 0700 to 2300
Getting There: MTR – Mongkok

Capital Cafe Interior


There are a total of three outlets in Hong Kong. The addreses of the other two outlets are listed below.



Capital Cafe like many other cafe in Hong Kong serve wide fare of food and beverage. I ordered a set meal, the Nutritional Set (营养餐). I am not used to eating the ham here. It tasted sweet. I love the fried eggs. Both the yolks were still runny.


My Order, Nutritional Set - Fried Eggs, Ham, Toasted Bread with Butter & Milk Tea


Other Outlets:

Wan Chai
Shop B1, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building, 6 Heard Street, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2666 7766
Opening Hours: Daily 0700 to 2300

Shau Kei Wan
G/F, Shun King Building, 185-187 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan
Tel: +852 2677 6666

 Rating: 7.5/10

Tsui Wah Cafe (翠华餐厅)

G/F 244 Portland Street Mong Kok

Tel : +852 2392 3889


Opening Hours: 24 hours
Getting There: MTR – Mongkok


Tsui Wah Cafe has a humble begining though now it is a listed company. You can find Tsui Wah Cafe all over Hong Kong.


Special Set


I ordered the special set which has a small portion of pasta in borsch soup, scramble eggs, luncheon meat, a bun and a cup of milk tea. Lots of food for me.

 Rating: 7/10

Green River Restaurant 

595 Shanghai Street, Mongkok

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Getting There: MTR – Mongkok


Green River Restaurant is along the same stretch of road of the hotel I was staying. It was one of the convenient place for early breakfast. Likewise, it serves set menu. There are 7 sets.


My Breakfast - Set A, Macaroni Soup with Ham with Garlic Butter Toast and Fried Egg


I opted for Set A with a Macaroni Soup with Ham, Garlic Butter Toast with Scramble Eggs and Milk Tea. The Macaroni Soup tasted like the campbell chicken noodle soup, quite delicious. But I don’t like the ham as it is sweet. The bread was not as fluffy but soft. The scramble eggs and the milk tea were quite good.


Rating: 7/10

Tai Hing Cafe (太兴餐厅)

 Shop G25, G/F, Grand Tower , 625 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

Tel:+852 2625 0383

Opening Hours: 0700 to 0200

Getting There: MTR – Mongkok

On the night of arrival, I walked passed Tai Hing and I was attracted by its barbecue/roast fragrance. It smelled so nice. Since then, it was on my ‘Must Try’ list. In addition, I was talking to a colleague in Hong Kong, she also recommended Tai Hing so I finally gave it a try during breakfast.

The verdict? I loved it. I like the food Tai Hing offered. The food was good, so is the milk tea. The best so far. But I believe that there should be even better one.

Cutlery Drawer
Cutlery Drawer

I didn’t realise that there was a drawer by the side of the table top. I was looking high and low for sugar for my milk tea. So I asked. In fact, there was a note on the table, showing how sleepy headed I was.

Luncheon Meat and Egg Sandwich
Luncheon Meat and Egg Sandwich

I love luncheon meat. I know is unhealthy but still simply love the taste. The bread was soft and fluffy. The luncheon meat and egg was thick enough. I think the portion is a bit small for most as it was enough for a small eater like me.

Great breakfast for a Friday!

Rating: 8/10

Kam Fung Cafe (金凤茶餐厅)

G/F, Spring Garden Mansion, 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai

Tel: +852 2572 0526

Opening Hours: 0600 to 1900

Getting There: MTR – Wan Chai (Exit A3)


My Day 6 breakfast was at Kam Fung. I went there for its Bolo Bun. I was asking my Hong Kong colleague earlier the week for the best Bolo Bun in Hong Kong, she recommended me Kam Fung for both the Bolo Bun and the milk tea.

My Order, Set C
My Order, Set C

Kam Fung like any other Hong Kong’s cafe serve set breakfast. I chose Set C with Bolo Bun. There are other bun option too. In Set C, there is a bun, an egg, luncheon meat and a drink. I chose hot milk tea for the drink. The Bolo Bun and milk tea were great.

Rating: 8/10

…and among the six, my favourite being Tai Hing. As it offered all that I like and most importantly, very yummy.

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