Happy3 Bites Cafe, An NEA Approved Pet Cafe [Closed]

I was so excited to know that there was a pet cafe, Happy3 Bites Cafe, started business in Everton Park. As my sister’s dog was with us over the Good Friday long weekend, I decided to check out Happy3 Bites Cafe together with my mom and the dog on Saturday. Not on Friday as Good Friday is a day of abstinence and fast for Catholic. Begin a Catholic, I got to observe the day of abstinence and fast.


Happy3 Bites Cafe


Happy3 Bites Cafe (the 3 representing the cube, as in Maths, to the power of three). The cafe has a sleek and simple decor with black and white as the colour theme.


Happy3 Bites Cafe - Cookies


When we entered the cafe, we were welcomed by a Labrador, I think. It was quite empty at about noon. There was only two tables occupied. The cafe seems to be divided into two sections, one for guests with pets and the other with none. I really think this is a very good idea. The area for pets were codone off, this would prevent the dogs from running out of the cafe.

The cafe serves some simple breakfast item, pasta and cakes, with some simple coffee and soda drinks. I think they could do a better job with the menu by having more description of the food.

We ordered an All Day Big Breakfast and a Banana Chocolate Chip Waffle. The Big Breakfast was decent as most of the food items were pre-purchased, it required minimal cooking.


Happy3 Bites Cafe - All Day Big Breakfast


As for the waffle, I was surprised by its colour. It was a green waffle. I never expect a green waffle to appear on the table but I like it. The waffle has a crisp edge and its texture was soft and a bit chewy. Not too sweet and a very subtle fragrance. I didn’t really taste the chocolate chips though. Lots of banana were topped on the waffle and a reasonable size of vanilla ice cream. It would taste better if the banana were cooked.


Happy3 Bites Cafe - Chocolate Chips Waffle with Banana


My favourite drink, the cappuccino, it is one of the worse coffee I ever had. The body is light and it is practically bland. For a moment, I thought I ordered a cup of airy water. In addition, I have a not very pleasant surprise. At the rim of the coffee cup, there was a chunk of dog’s fur sticking on the edge of the cup. It was pretty disgusting.


Happy3 Bites Cafe - Cappuccino


They apologised for the incident, waived off the cappuccino but no additional discount was given. I think Happy3 Bites Cafe did a bad job in service recovery. What made it worse was there is a surcharge of twenty cents for paying by NETS. In this age, who will not pay by cards? Sigh … Anyway …

They mentioned that they are contributing 5% to a pet rescue shelter, an old folk home and a children home. A good cause, I welcome that.

My final thought about the cafe … Happy3 Bites Cafe needs to work harder on the food, on the service, on the menu and on the hygiene. In other word, lots of room for improvement. Nevertheless, I like the concept of pet cafe in a HDB estate. I can spend my time with the pet, and with some food and drink in an air-conditioned environment. I will give the cafe another chance by coming back again as it is a pet cafe. I know I am a bit bias here, if it has been a normal cafe, I won’t have such a big forgiving heart.

We went over to the Audacious Cakery after our meal at Happy3 Bites Cafe.



Happy3 Bites Cafe

Block 6 Everton Park #01-18 Singapore 080006
Tel +65 9128 4507


Opening Hours


Daily 1000 to 2100


Getting There



  • East-West Line – Outram Park or Tanjong Pagar station


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 3 along Neil Road   61, 166, 167, 196, 197
  • alight at or opp Maritime House along Cantoment Road   75, 167, 196


It is more convenient to get to Everton Park by bus. It takes 10 – 15 walk from the MRT station


Rating: 6/10 (I am a bit bias for they welcome furry friends. :))

6 thoughts on “Happy3 Bites Cafe, An NEA Approved Pet Cafe [Closed]”

  1. Please accept my apology. On Good Friday we have a new comer who just started work. Frankly speaking we did receive a few feedback that was not very good on the staff services.

    Do pardon the staff as she came from a less fortunate family. As we are giving her a chance to learn from from her mistakes, I hope you can give us a chance too.

    If everybody don’t give her a chance to survive in this cruel society who will? We will definitely improve on guiding new staffs and our menu.

    As we are kind of chaos at this point of time because Cozy Corner came to snatch our Chefs away therefore out of a sudden we are shortage of manpower. We was featured by a few famous bloggers and there were totally no bad review.

    Please do understand and give us another chance to serve each and everyone better.

    We hope to see you again.

    Thank you.

    Happy 3 Bites Cafe Management

    P.S: The 3 stands for my beloved 3 dogs: Xiao Bai “Shitzu Mixed Maltese”, Oreo “Schnauzer” and Luffy “Maltese”.

    1. Hi,
      Certainly, apology is acepted, second chance will always be given as nobody is perfect. And I commend on your willingness and spirit of giving the less fortunate a chance to work in your cafe. I am also very glad that you took this opportunity to clarify. May the Lord bless you while you are blessing your neighbours and loving them. God bless.

      As mentioned in the post, I am bias as you welcome furry friends and I will certainly pop by again.

      With the same token, while I accept your sincere apology, I do hope meanwhile you will take the responsibility of training your staff well. And not allow mistake to repeat.

      In addition, you may want to think of what you need to do for continuous improvement and especially in area of service recovery. If you are sincere and want to do better, I welcome that you get in touch with me, and I am more than happy to provide you with my feedback for your consideration in all aspects, per my observation. You can leave your contact number or email address and your name in my post and I will definitely get in touch with you shortly.

      With that I would want to leave you with a food for thought, “Every feedback is a gift”.

      With love

    2. Oh ya, one other point, just in case you will not get in touch with me. I would like to provide you another point for your operations excellece. You may want to think of contingency plan as well. How to deal with the unexpected with the lesson learnt from this round of manpower challenges. I am certain that you will be meeting with the same challenge of having attrition. This should not be a reason getting your operation handicap.

      With love

    3. Xavier of Happy3 Bites have replied leaving his contact number. For his privacy sake, I am not publishing the comment but will extract his reply without his contact number. I will contact Xavier shortly.

      Msg from Xavier of Happy3 Bites:

      There are a long story behind this Happy 3 Bites Cafe I would wish to share with you. You may contact me at 9xxx xxxx.

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