TRESemme Expert Selection – Affordable Salon Quality Haircare

TRESemme Expert Selection was recently launched in Singapore; Keratin Smooth and Platinum Strength. The collections are formulated with advanced technology and aim to deliver salon quality results for consumers from their own home. The launch was partnered with Artisan Hair Salon which is founded by hairstyling industry veteran Jonathan Boon.


I gave TRESemme Expert Selection a try, since I have frizzy hair I used the Keratin Smooth.  I poured a small amount of shampoo on my wet palm (approximately 50 cents coins size) for my chin length bob and started to lather it on my hands. The milky foam texture shampoo smell fruity and does build up lots of lather in seconds. The foam make shampooing easy and smooth. I already felt my hair getting soften.  I decided to rinse the hair few minutes longer than I usually do to ensure no shampoo residual stayed on the scalp.  


I noticed there are generally two types of shampoo texture in the market, foam and gel.  While the  foam type usually found in hair treatment shampoo, the gel type tends to be used in scalp shampoo.


TRESemme Expert Selection, Affordable Salon Quality Haircare - Keratin Smooth


Keratin Smooth conditioner has the same milky texture but much thicker than the shampoo. You probably need to press the bottle slightly to get the product out. It also has the same fruity smell as the shampoo. I left it on the hair for 2-3 minutes as advised by TRESemme experts’ tips. The Keratin Smooth does make the hair-blow process much easier. I feel my hair lighter, smoother and hopefully shinier.  I also noticed my hair remained light, smooth and doesn’t look limpy on the next day.  The collection promise to control frizz up to 48 hours when shampoo and conditioner are used together, it is suitable for colour treated hair as well.


TRESemme Expert Selection, Affordable Salon Quality Haircare - Platinum Strength


For damaged, weak and split-end hair, Platinum Strength could be the right choice as it promise to repair up to 2 years of damage in just five washes which I have yet to try.  I supposed the chosen product slogans sounds like science. Probably with the aim to emphasize both collections are advance technology based.



NAHMJ Verdict


Overall, the TRESemme Expert Selection is decent enough to deliver what it promises and it’s most suitable for those with medium to long hair with high daily consumption of shampoo and conditioners. When the concern is more on scalp, I find alternatively switch to gel form shampoo would be wise move for the health of hair follicle.




TRESemme Expert Selection

Keratin Smooth and Platinum Strength





$13.90 for 650g shampoo,

$11.50 for 340g conditioner,

$12.60 for 180ml masque treatment.


Where To Buy


Guardian Pharmacy islandwide



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