Ice Burnz - Overview

Ice Burnz – One Shenton Way, Raffles Place, Singapore (Closed)

From the name Ice Burnz, most wouldn’t have guessed that it offers Grilled Sandwiches, Milkshakes and Milk Tea. Me too, I didn’t guess that. Ice Burnz is established at One Shenton where is home to the Jewels Coffee too. In fact they are neigbhours, separated by Snatch. It is a Muslim Owned establishment. I am sure this is great news for all Muslim working in the area.


Ice Burnz offers a number of seats along the walkway of One Shenton for dinning in, just like its neighbours. So it isn’t conducive but at least some convenience offered.


Ice Burnz - In Preparation


Ice Burnz - Black Pepper Beef


At the outlet, there are two menu. The Grilled Sandwich menu on the left while the Drinks Menu on the right. There are only 4 choices for Grilled Sandwiches; Black Pepper Beef With Cheese, BBQ Chicken With Cheese, Sliced Beef With Caramelized Onions and Mushroom Carbonara With Cheese. All sandwiches are priced at $7 each.


Don’t be fooled by the rather messy or some may even describe it as disgusting looking. Me too was initial skeptical about its taste. I was wrong. It tasted better than its look. Perhaps the reason why it tasted delish was due to freshly prepared. I saw them cooking the individual portion of beef after I ordered.


Ice Burnz - Black Pepper Beef With Cheese Grilled Sandwich


The Ice Burnz BBQ Chicken With Cheese, comparatively was not as outstanding. It was not as tasty as the beef one.


Ice Burnz - BBQ Chicken withe Cheese Sandwich ($7)


Hotdog Bun at $3 each were part of the menu too. There were 4 hotdog selections; Satay, Cheese, Char Siew and Black Pepper. On the day of visit, there were only Satay and Cheese for selection. I opted for Cheese. I couldn’t taste the cheese. It was like the normal hotdog one could get from the supermarket. The worse was the bun, hard like stone. It was like stale bread.


Ice Burnz - Cheese Hotdog Bun ($3)


Coming to the drinks, you find a list of Milkshakes of about 16 flavours. Some peculiar (such as Bubblegum) while others certainly noteworthy (Coconut, Ovomaltine, Caramel Popcorn). And of course the classic range such as Chocolate Fudge and Salted Caramel are also found on the menu too. Each at $6 per cup.


Ice Burnz - Nutella Milkshake ($7)


NAHMJ tried the Nutella Milkshake ($7). We would rate it as the worst Milkshake. It tasted like sugar water with random nutella. Both milkiness and creaminess were totally lacking. It was such ashamed.


Ice Burnz - Iced Thai Milk Tea


Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea and Thai Coffee seems always in demand. Hence it was supplied by Ice Burnz too. You get to choose either hot or cold. I thought well of the Thai Milk Tea. It isn’t the strongest tasting Thai Milk Tea compared to Nam’s Brew and Tuk Tuk Cha, the minimum was that I could savour the tea fragrance.



NAHMJ Verdict


The facade of Ice Burnz isn’t one that draw our attention. Neither is the menu. But when NAHMJ tried it, we were shocked by the fluctuating standard. NAHMJ visited Ice Burnz twice before coming up with the post. The first visit to Ice Burnz was on a Monday, food taste fresh. Within the same week, on Thursday, NAHMJ went back to try a few other item and bread tasted stale. It is disappointing.

NAHMJ thought Ice Burnz should stay away from Milkshake or improve it. And please do something about the stale bread too.




Ice Burnz

1 Shenton Way, One Shenton #01-05, Singapore 068803
Tel: +65



Opening Hours


Monday – Friday  0700 to 1900; Saturday 0700 to 1400


Getting There



  • Downtown line – Downtown station
  • East-West or North-South line – Raffles Place station


By Bus:

  • alight opposite Hotel Sofitel So Singapore along Robinson Road   10, 10e, 97, 97e, 196, 196e
  • alight opposite AIA Tower along Robinson Road   10, 10e, 70, 75, 100, 107, 128, 130, 162, 196, 196e
  • alight at One Raffles Quay along Raffles Quay   10, 10e, 57, 70, 75, 100, 107, 128, 130, 131, 162, 167, 186, 196, 196e, 700, 970


Rating: 5.5/10