Very Good Restaurant - Our Dinner

Very Good Restaurant At Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Very Good Restaurant is a Guangdong Chinese Restaurant situated next to Tsim Sha Tsui, Exit B. It is at a superb location, convenient and accessible in the shopping belt.


It serves a very wide range of food; ranging from Dim Sum, …


Very Good Restaurant - Dim Sum Menu


Appetizers, Seafood, …


Very Good Restaurant - Appetizer and Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Shark Fin, Fish Maw and Swallow's Nest Menu


Vegetables, Roast Meat, noodles, rice and etc.


Very Good Restaurant - Soup, Roast and Vegetable Menu


Since we were there for dinner, we wanted some dishes like seafood, vegetables to go with rice.

We have ordered an appetizer, Jelly Fish and Cucumber. The cucumber is a preserved cucumber, slightly sourish and very crunchy, very appetizing. The Jelly Fish, likewise is crunchy.


Very Good Restaurant - Jelly Fish and Cucumber


We ordered a Stirred Fried Large Shrimps and Fruits as well. The prawn was succulent and as fresh fruits were added, it gave a refreshing taste to the dish.


Very Good Restaurant - Stirred Fried Large Shrimps and Fruits


I wanted to tried as much roast meat in Hong Kong so as usual I ordered a 2-mixed roast meat, roast goose and BBQ Pork. Both the roast were tender and soft. Both were flavourful. The roast goose skin was not as crispy as those served in Yung Kee but was good enough.


Very Good Restaurant - Roast Meat


For vegetables, we have the Fried Green Beans for a change. It was rather oily and salty, nevertheless was tasty. Great with a bowl of white plain rice.


Very Good Restaurant - Stirred Fried Green Beans and Minced Meat


As the service crew, highly recommend the Custard Crispy Baked Bun, so we ordered a set of two to try though our intention wasn’t to have Dim Sum. The bun skin was crispy on the top layer and soft in the inside with a sweet custard filling. The custard filling was not delicious, it was with sweet tasting and nothing else. I didn’t like this Dim Sum.


Very Good Restaurant - Dim Sum, Custard Crispy Baked Bun


Overall, the food served in Very Good Restaurant was above average but not for the only Dim Sum we tried. I suspect the Dim Sum is only mediocre. Other than that, it was a fine restaurant with the typical Chinese Restaurant ambience, a little noisy.




Very Good Restaurant 頂好海鮮酒家

90-94 Nathan Road,, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852  2366 5660



Opening Hours


Daily 1200 to 1500; 1800 to 2300


Getting There


By MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui (Exit B1)


Rating: 7/10