San Lung Beef Brisket & Curry Specialist 生龍清湯腩餐廳 In Mongkok

We were contemplating on what to eat and finally we decided to have beef brisket for dinner. We visited San Lung Beef Brisket & Curry Specialist (生龍清湯腩餐廳).


San Lung Beef Brisket & Curry Specialist - Shop Interior


San Lung Beef Brisket & Curry Specialist specialises in beef brisket and curry dishes. When we were there, we saw lots of diners at various tables enjoying curry rice.



Deciding on what to eat was a tough decision as we wanted to try everything. Nevertheless, we finally settled for Set Menu B for 2 person which consisted of a Fish Soup, Beef Brisket, Cow Tongue Curry with rice and or prata and there are two drinks. We added an Ala Carte Beef Brisket Curry since there were 3 person. The service crew will ask if you want either lean or fatty beef to be served. We chose lean. You get to customised the spiciness level as well. There are three level with a little spicy, medium spiciness and lots of spiciness. I asked for little spicy as I believe my colleagues from China can’t take too spicy.


Fish Soup


The first dish to serve was the fish soup. I find the fish soup a little fishy, it was masked by ginger flavour.


San Lung Beef Brisket & Curry Specialist - Beef Brisket


Next, the beef brisket was served. I like the radish in the dish very much, great flavour. The beef brisket was tender and soft and flavourful. It was delish.


San Lung Beef Brisket & Curry Specialist - Beef Brisket Curry


As for the Beef Brisket Curry, the curry taste geared towards the Japanese Curry. It was a little sweetish. The spice amount was a little more than the Japanese Curry but less than the Indian Curry. If you have tried both the Japanese and Indian Curry, you may be able to imagine how it might taste like. I enjoy the curry gravy more than the meat. LOL.


San Lung Beef Brisket & Curry Specialist - Cow Tongue Curry


Lastly to be served was the Cow Tongue Curry. The curry taste were the same. It just the ingredient that was different. So it was a little boring.

We feel that the Beef Brisket was great, curry was decent. It was a decent choice for a change. I like having the option to customise the spiciness level and having the option to choose between lean and fatty meat.




San Lung Beef Brisket & Curry Specialist 生龍清湯腩餐廳

183 Portland Road, Mongkok
Tel: +852 2392 0558


Opening Hours


Daily 1100 to 0300


Getting There


By MTR: Mongkok (Exit E1)


Rating: 6.5/10