Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert - Shop Front

Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert (五代同糖) At Mongkok


Dessert is my love. I will try any shop I chanced upon. Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert (五代同糖) in Mongkok, is around the corner of the hotel I was staying. There isn’t a English name so I have the English name from the pronunciation of the Chinese words.

This dessert shop is always crowded. I thought to myself, it must be good. I went with a friend and her daughter.


Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert - Shop Interior


I decided to try something different so after browsing the menu and I chose the Beancurd and Grass Jelly with Mango.


Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert - Menu


The grass jelly in Beancurd and Grass Jelly with Mango when eaten alone was slightly bitter in taste but when I ate it together with syrup, the bitterness was masked. The syrup seems to have some evaporated and/or condensed milk added. With mango added, the dessert was refreshing and added a dash of fruitiness.


Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert - Beancurd and Grass Jelly with Mango


My colleague’s daughter tried the Mango Pomelo Dessert while she didn’t try any as she doesn’t quite fancy dessert.


Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert - Mango Pomelo Shaved Iced


The Mango Pomelo Dessert was presented in as shaven ice, something different from the classic presentation. I tried a spoonful. It has a rich mango flavour in the shaven ice and the sweetness level was perfect for me. There were some mango cubes and pomelo by the side.

Overall, the dessert is pretty decent with excellent Mango Pomelo Dessert.



Wudai Tongtang Homemade Dessert (五代同糖)

Shop 2, G/F, 38 Plaza, 38 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok
Tel: +852 3486 3969


Opening Hours


Sunday – Thursday 1400 to 0100; Friday – Saturday 1400 to 0200


Getting There


By MTR: Mongkok (Exit E1)


Rating: 7/10


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